The Russian language classes is an integral part of the Center’s activities. The language program at RCSC offers intensive tuitions in Russian language and in various aspects of Russian culture. The course is evaluated by continuous assessment, including end-of-term examinations, placement tests, students' feedback and class-observation.

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Students learning Russian grammar

Regular course

Regular course program are classes in Russian that focus on general skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They give the students a good foundation in lexis (vocabulary), syntax (grammar), phonology (pronunciation and intonation), semantics (meaning), and pragmatics (language in context).

Majority of the students learning in the Regular course are, mainly, high school graduates with the interest of enrolling into undergraduate study programs in various universities in the Russian Federation. Lessons are conducted daily according to a fixed timetable, in groups of 10 students per class.

There are three levels under this program; beginner, intermediate and advanced level. The duration for each level covers a period of 3 months. Upon successful completion of each level, students are awarded a certificate of proficiency. 

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Students give regular assessment tests in Russian language

Express course

In addition to the three level of the Regular course, a variety of Special courses is offered, aimed at building basic communication skills and mainly targeted at the business/working people. 

Teaching staff

Lessons are taught by qualified and experienced teachers. Students enjoy studying Russian language in splendid interiors of the Russian Cultural Centre and have the opportunity to participate in all cultural events organized in RCSC.

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Julia Kuznetsova, Teacher of the Russian language course at RCSC